What's in a name?

On several occasions, we have been asked about our company's name. Well, here's the "official" explanation.

Back in the day... Australia used the initials KA for their international sailing country code. In 1983, Australia II became the first challenger in 132 years to win the Americas Cup. Check out the photos - its number is KA-6. Something else important about Australia II is that it made Australia's Boxing Kangaroo famous. Now, AUS is being used for international sailing. I have not been able to find out when this happened. (Not that it is important!) Since I was born in Australia and migrated to the US, I had a keen interest in this victory over the US!

What's in a name? Part II - Ships!

If you examine the definition of the word enterprise, you will see several meanings. One is a business organization. However, the other meanings are more interesting and also relate to why this word is part of my companies name. There have been all sorts of ships named Enterprise. NASA named the first space shuttle Enterprise (with the coaxing of a few Star Trek fans). You can see it at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Here are some of my favorites Enterprise ships. Also, this web site has an extensive list of star ships and sea ships with the name Enterprise.


KAV Enterprise Inc. is committed to the environment. One example of our commitment is by the promotion and use of virtual offices. This helps reduce air polution and energy consumption by eliminating the daily commute. There is only one planet Earth and we all need to work towards preserving its beauty.

Music and the Arts

We proudly support WXPN-FM a member supported public radio service of the University of Pennsylvania. It showcases contemporary music that spans the progressive edges of rock, folk, rhythm and blues, and American roots. WXPN also produces programming for national syndication. Thanks WXPN .

The company founder is a member of the band Jelly! . He joined the band (Smutt) in 1978 and is enjoying the music with the original members.